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Greetings! I thought I’d try my hand at a blog for Foxdale Fine Foods.

First things first, Azora and Spellfire group food: If you use one of these meters, you need to eat–we’re about the only avatars in Second Life who do. The rest of the avatars can eat or not eat as they see fit. Even those of us who “need” to could just eat cubes (as someone on a forum post said once, “all food in Second Life just tastes like textured plywood, anyway”).

But SL is largely about fantasy. Otherwise, there wouldn’t be so many bipedal squirrels around who are into BDSM. Most of us (metered and non) would rather eat something that looks like food. It could be from FFF, or it could be from any number of other virtual chefs. It doesn’t much matter. Of course, if you really just want to feed your meter, let me know–I can make you some very delicious plywood cubes for cheap.

I seriously doubt any of the zero people reading this care about how I came to be doing this. I’m not even sure I do, hell. Basically, I roleplay on a sim that uses Azora. I was instantly taken with the scripted food–it looked good, it was amusing…did I ever once need to spend any amount of lindens on someone’s sculpted plywood? Of course not. There was food rezzed out in the tavern. My avatar wouldn’t starve. But I liked the food and bought it, and soon enough, I thought about how much I’d like to have my own little store in that market, selling amusing little foodstuffs. And…well, I did.

Various people have told me that selling Azora food is kind of stupid because the only money in metered products is in weapons–they’re a pain to make (and make well), and everyone wants cool swords and crossbows. But you know, I wanted to make food. I don’t want to make weapons. So there it is.


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