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Spellfire 2, part 2

First, for some reason, every time I think “Spellfire 2,” I mentally go, “Spellfire 2: The Return of Spellfire.” :-p

Secondly, I figured out what was wrong with those objects and have fixed it. I have released the following:

  • Roast Chicken with Gravy and a Bread Roll
  • Elven Merlot
  • Deviled Eggs
  • Individual Apple Pies

These are at the main store (crammed onto a back wall) and on the SLM.



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Spellfire 2

I have decided to dip my virtual toes into Spellfire 2. (They came out kind of sticky.)

Spellfire 2 is quite a different creature from Spellfire. The food needs to be replenished to be used–it won’t automatically refresh itself. So this is not something for people who don’t use the meter!

My bigger problem right now is that I can’t seem to actually sell it. Whether this is an SL problem or something else, I don’t know. My alt can buy it, but nothing is delivered. I tried to have her buy another object, and that went through, so what’s the deal?

I ran into a weird problem on my first attempt at food, actually, where the permission on one object in the build was wrong. Why that matters, I don’t know because the item as a whole should have inherited permissions (this was an object, not a script).

Each of these food script sets has a different set of pros and cons. Everything in life does. SF2’s are just odd, though, from a builder’s perspective. But pah, hopefully, it still tastes good.

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Not using a meter?

I suspect a number of people who’ve bought my food (in some cases, I know) don’t use meters. They just think it’d be nice to get some yummies for their avatar.

The potential hiccup is that they may not know how to make the food behave or why it behaves like it does.

So a super-short introduction: The Azora, Spellfire, and Spellfire 2 meters are made by Aaron Cerveau and are for the purposes of roleplay and combat. To my knowledge, they are the only meters that require the consumption of food (rather than just being combat meters).

All of the Azora and Spellfire food I sell (and others sell) is made using script kits that Aaron sells. Azora and Spellfire food (Spellfire 2 is a bit different) can be used by anyone, though. The food can still be clicked (and thus eaten) without a meter on. Azora food requires an activation key. The keys are sold separately.

My advice to non-meter users who are interested in metered food? Buy the Spellfire version, if it’s available. The scripts are different–Spellfire can only have 10 food prims in the build, so it’s simpler–but if the Spellfire version is sufficient for your needs, it’ll save you having to buy a key.

Of course, if you use a meter, use the right food. :-p

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