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The hunt is on! (Yes, I set up the night before.)

From now through April 30, stop by Foxdale Fine Foods and see if you can find the 3 eggs hidden around the store. Each egg contains an Easter basket (well, 2–Azora and Spellfire): Candy (chocolate, jellybeans, and peeps), carrots, and cookies. They’re set for sale for L$0.

  • All hiding places are between the ground the roof (i.e., not under the land or in the water).
  • No eggs are hidden inside prims. They can be inside a hollow object, but they’re not within the prims themselves, as that’d be super-unfair. 🙂
  • All Azora baskets require a key, of course.

I reserve the right to move the hiding places and may very well do so at some point. 😉

Happy hunting!


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Easter Products

I guess it’s a little early, but I was working on the stuff already and…I finished. So I’ve released some items for Easter (Azora and Spellfire).

  • Easter Basket (updated build)
  • Easter Cupcakes
  • Honey-baked Ham Slices
  • Lamb Chop Dinner
  • Lamb Chops

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