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I’ve put out several goodies for Christmas:

    Christmas Cookie Tiers (plate holders in 3 colors with 8 cookies on each)
    Christmas Crackers (pop and give a bad joke, bad toy, and stupid hat)
    Christmas Dinner (turkey and sides plus individual plates)
    Christmas Pudding
    Christmas Stockings with Candy Canes (and empty)
    Gingerbread House (HIGH PRIM)
    Gingerbread Men
    Hot Chocolate
    Individual Mince Pies
    Mulled Wine
    Warm Apple Cider

All of the above are available for Azora and Spellfire except the gingerbread house. I also have freebies at the main store, and I’m selling a copy of the table, chair, and whatnots I used in the display. 😉

By the by, I’m a word person by nature (and RL career), but I guess I’d better get some pictures up here, too.

As you can see, I’ve always had problems with images versus text. :-p


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