Lordy, this all sounds so negative…yikes.

Artstonia is closing. It’s the RP sim where Relm began–it was the first RP sim I ever joined and was the only one I played on until a few months ago. The town square store was my first location, and the market store was my first proper store.

Anyway, the town square store already closed, but  now the market one will, too, with the sim gone.

So FFF is reduced to the SLM, the main store, and Azora right now, at least until Minas Tirith reopens.

New Item/Policies

Per a customer request (and I needed to do it, anyway), I’ve made a non-poisonous version of the Green Eggs and Ham. It’s Azora only because I can’t really put in the cute text on Spellfire.

I also realized the store policies/about FFF stuff wasn’t posted anywhere, as it was once. I think I mistakenly believed I’d added to it to Ellyn, my store assistant, and I hadn’t. So I’ve added it now. Nothing earth-shattering–mostly about licenses and being well behaved in the store.

Easter Products

I guess it’s a little early, but I was working on the stuff already and…I finished. So I’ve released some items for Easter (Azora and Spellfire).

  • Easter Basket (updated build)
  • Easter Cupcakes
  • Honey-baked Ham Slices
  • Lamb Chop Dinner
  • Lamb Chops

Gee, two entries in a row about store closings…this seems so negative. 🙂

Anyway, I’ve gone ahead and closed my store in the Artstonia town square. It was always on mind to do one day. I was partly holding onto it out of sentiment, as it was my first store.

And perhaps this is as good a time as any, as it’s also…the store’s 1-year anniversary. Well, a week ago or something. I considered doing something in recognition, but with new year’s and Valentine’s, it was a little messy.

Realm of Minas Tirith, where I had a Spellfire-only store, is moving to a new sim. So my store is currently…not there. 🙂 Just FYI.

I’ve gone ahead and added RZ-free signs to a couple of other locations (even though I rent and have no control over its presence or absence).

A minor store upgrade

I went through today and switched to new vendors–6 panels instead of 4. And I put the SF2 and non-metered food into little vendors. So now those look a little more consistent (?), and the rest show more products at once (they also cycle now). Then I updated the vendor signs and added a couple bunnies and a squirrel, and I changed out the samples from Christmas (eww). So nothing life altering, and it shouldn’t affect the shopping experience, but if you run into any problems, let me know!

I’ve also added a “Spyware Free” sign out front. Foxdale Fine Foods does not and will never use RedZone or anything like it. My only “protection” is a 5-minute (I think?) autoreturn. I can’t see myself ever doing anything more than that–at most, turning off rezzing entirely if a problem occurs (for instance, I know griefing tools can bypass autoreturn by spawning new prims). But I’m taking my chances for the time being because I know it’s nice to be able to open boxes in situ.